Love to shape complex intangible things: 

culture, experiences, system and social change

This is me

Harnessing human insights to envision new experiences. Practising design-thinking to drive innovation and influence strategy. I take a bird's eye view to connect the dots and partner with cross-functional team members to constantly refine processes for better collaboration and smoother hand-offs

Contextual Research Innovation Framework 

Strategy Development  Cross-Sector Partnerships 

I aim to advise companies
and NGOs in initiatives and campaigns based on
Emotional Intelligence

My determination in understanding user needs complying with strategic research ​is leveraged by my high level of EQ and self-awareness. This automatically has helped me boosts communication skills and increased social awareness

Social Impact


 Christmas time is special. Isn’t it? 

I thought of how I could make it a memorable one for the folks at New School. I decided to execute this event by giving away sustainable, handmade and reusable Kashmir ornaments


A much bigger impact was achieved, which was bringing awareness about Kashmir's craft and artisans here in  New York through students. I feel honoured to share that the idea was accepted and everyone loved their locally made gifts

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