The Objective 

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Launched in January 2017, Revived by Surabhi is my creation simply for my love to experiment with new ways, express ideas through innovation and help non-urban areas in the best capacity possible. In order to showcase what the craft could achieve on a wider scale, I began with a home decor label, taking inspiration from the local skills and traditions of Kashmir involved in the process of Papier Mache with a thrust revitalize hand-making skills





Since the time I started with my Master degree; my initiative was on hold. Thus, I picked it up during my final year of graduation and undertook this exploratory research project to explore a socially dead material Papier Mache and focus, compared with an unfamiliar market - New York City 

 Understanding the landscape

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Mashed Paper


The value chain is fragmented | Constant political unrest has left artisans with very fewer opportunities | Consumers are becoming urbanized | No innovation or investment for Papier Mache products

Hence, focusing on creating global awareness and market opportunities for Kashmiri Papier Mache artisans is significantly important 

Journey Map:  To Explore Kashmir Artisan's  making process

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Comparative Research

1 : 1 Interviews (New York)

Journey Map - Papier Mache Designer/Artist NYC

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Similarities / Overlaps 

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*Created a survey to understand existing product market/trend globally

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Opportunity Map


*This is an iterative project