A final year client project with Hitch Mylius, a British furniture company. Worked on a company project to design a private indoor space within a public indoor space. Focused on design heritage, manufacturing experience, understanding of sustainability, to design the prototype. My design was inspired by 'Daisuke Motegi’ Lost in sofa design ideally, to be placed in a university library setting

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Hitch Mylius, "skill is in creating beautifully crafted furniture where quality relies on excellence in every part of the manufacturing process"

Strengths: Longevity | High-quality products | Strong brand identity | Robust manufacturing process | Enjoys experimenting with colours

Opportunities:  Textile Design | Domestic/office space | Ecstacity (Beauty)

Weakness: Not trendsetters | Not open to disruptive innovation | conservative

Threats:  More domestic-based companies making public space furniture's | Becoming under or overpriced | Electiveness (choice between options)

Concept Development

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