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Design in Food

Power to perceive beauty in what you eat — I am drawn to vitality and have got a great love for cooking one pot-meals. Eating is at the heart of my senses! Born and brought up in Northern India, I moved out of India at the age of 17. Design in food to me is homemade and been away from my mum’s food has made me obsessed with some of her simple, nutritious recipes.

Just as we have a sense of smell and sight and hearing we also have a sense of aesthetic taste. Just sometimes it doesn’t speak to you - David Hume, Scottish philosopher

Khichdi, a local Indian dish is one of the first solid foods that babies eat

Interact with unintended patterns:

I have always been quite particular about good food and love preparing, picking up meals cooked with local sources! For instance, every region in India has a different way of preparing Khichdi — the purpose, the intent behind planning out the process results in an exciting texture, color, aroma and taste. The pleasing blend of grains think best for you and celebrates the triumph of being together by providing a delightful experience.

Similar to a new born, I tend to take small bites!

Do you admire any herb? Observing the role of some key elements like weight, temperature, vibration, sharpness, visual balance has shaped my senses to feel, interact and appreciate aesthetics. When cooking the same elements shaped my love for one especial Indian herb, ‘cumin seeds’ — utmost favorite! It gives out a comfy, instinctive flavor with a bit of both sweetness and bitterness (secretly add to everything prepared in my kitchen). On a side note — the tactile curator in me wants to convert this strong empowering scent of cumin seeds into a phenomenal everyday perfume!

The speciality being invisible:

How often do we think about this mainstream phrase ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’? It is frequently used to denote subjectivity in beauty — if beauty is really subjective then it is safe to say aesthetic appreciation is a matter of taste and how you feel about it! Khichdi may not necessarily look the prettiest to all, but takes me to my world of design every single time. Being in touch with our aesthetic designs our long term relationship with things and the people. You cannot be wrong about your aesthetic beliefs and once you are in tuned with the senses; it plays a dominant role in making us feel safe.

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