Design Thinking Educator


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), India had announced that they will introduce Design Thinking, as a new subject from 2020-21 academic session. As someone who was raised in India but sent abroad to complete higher education; truly values India's decision on introducing "a systematic process of thinking that opens up the horizons of creativity and enables even the most conditioned thinkers to bring about new and innovative solutions to the problems at hand."

To exercise my learning as a design strategist and help India make this transition with ease - I teach both undergraduate and graduate design research course at National Institute of Fashion Technology, online.


In the last two years, I have developed an elective course focused on the fundamentals of design thinking to teach 40 x 2 students the methodologies of design research and business strategy. Plus, administered collaborative workshops to investigate low performing small-medium-enterprise’ business strategy, and applied research methodologies to transform their business model.

Students have gained basic skills in observation and sense-making. We covered every element of the design thinking approach, from empathy research to ideation to prototyping to getting user feedback and iterating with their design solutions.

My overall aim is for students to be able to apply Design Thinking skills to their own discipline and as well as to everyday life.

A few resources shared in these virtual classes are:

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As an educator I have realised and experienced that online classes needs to be creatively designed. Perhaps, being inspired by 'Board of Innovation' I often share and craft fun design methodologies with students.