Growth Strategy


In the current world where specialists run the table, collaboration is critical. We do not see Strategic Design as the pinnacle of design nor can we accomplish much in a vacuum. The reality is designers, as a general rule, are far too focused on perpetuating the world we already inhabit.

By contrast those in the liberal arts, social sciences, and humanities are constantly grappling foundational concepts powerful enough to disrupt the status quo. What would happen if we bring the two together? What if we bridge the gap between the revolutionary poet, and the product designer? What kind of magic could we generate when the vitality of deep thinking meets the calculated methods of creation?


The pandemic has been a wake up call. We have lived amongst broken outdated systems propped up by “normalcy” just supportive enough to make change seem like something of the future. The pandemic brought that to a screeching halt, and provided the impetus for action today.


  • Democratize strategic design

  • To provoke multidisciplinary collaboration.

  • Systemic change using creative and intersectional approaches.

  • To connect younger generations with social justice activism / design activism.

  • To leverage strategic design as a driver of social change at a moment when many of our systems are on the brink of failure.


We wanted the young, the idealistic, the creators, the thinkers, and most importantly the passionate to join us.

Our objective is to attract a diverse body of designers, artists, writers, social scientists, programmers, and academics to create interventions for our collective advancement. Together we will change the world one intervention at a time.

My role:

I created corporate partnerships by leveraging my strategy and outreach skills. For the two events, enlisted two dozen highly experienced professionals (United Nations, Globant, LinkedIn, Ford, etc) to offer support to student design strategy teams. Some were available to support design, while the others provided subject matter expertise.


"Surabhi is a tremendous asset to any team. She was one of the first members brought on to the Design Caucus team, and we knew we wanted to get her involved because of her work ethic and cultural asset. Surabhi kept the team moving forward with her positive outlook, and collaborative attitude. None of these comments would do her justice without mentioning her work as strategic partnerships chair. She delivered an impressive portfolio of partners ranging from professors to UN leaders, and successful entrepreneurs. Our participants experiences were enriched ten fold by these partnerships, and our team is incredibly grateful for her work and support." - Jesse Flores (Co-Founder)

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