Strategic Partnerships

Design Caucus organizes design activism challenges, with the aim of leveraging strategic design as a driver of addressing systemic injustices. We have launched two versions and with my role I enlisted the help of two dozen highly experienced professionals to offer support to teams over the weekend. Some were available to support design, while the others offered subject matter expertise. All of them were essentially volunteers and tremendous assets in the approach.

Why Design Caucus?

In the current world where specialists run the table, collaboration is critical. We do not see Strategic Design as the pinnacle of design nor can we accomplish much in a vacuum.

The reality is designers, as a general rule, are far too focused on perpetuating the world we already inhabit. By contrast those in the liberal arts, social sciences, and humanities are constantly grappling foundational concepts powerful enough to disrupt the status quo.

What would happen if we bring the two together? What if we bridge the gap between the revolutionary poet, and the product designer? What kind of magic could we generate when the vitality of deep thinking meets the calculated methods of creation?

Design Caucus is an experiment to find out!

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