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Welcome to my world of Design

Spent almost a decade with the school system, time at university, working! There is a pattern in me of considering, connecting, collecting, critiquing beautiful ‘things’. This is not certain about just a nice-looking object but also about crafting beautiful conversations with people, making them feel comfortable by creating an environment of empathy. Personally to me, the design has never been just about an object, or end result — in fact, Design is the most effective form of a process, an action, a verb which manages chaos and launch actions.

Fish which swims in the opposite way of identical one’s — ability to see the invisible to achieve the impossible!

Emerging Design — Intangible

Professionally, I am a Social Innovation Strategist, the human-centred approach is immersed in my genetic code. Probably it explains why I was so persistent in pursuing a degree unfolding ‘Design Thinking’. Took me two years to understand this creative process which is rooted in ‘building up’ of ideas, systematic strategy, salient themes, and describing itself as a repeatable process employing unique techniques which yield guaranteed results. Complex yet a simple approach once understood, makes it a nice-looking, effective methodology to be embraced today.

Thus as a professional, educator, commoner, human thinker, call what you may; my heart and mind observe design in everyday life. Even more, I constantly catch myself sharing experiences for living an enhanced version of life to anyone and everyone within my vicinity. People from friends and family to encouraging artisans of Kashmir, India who are so balanced in heart, head and hands but seek support in recognising their full potential, to wanting to launch a strategic design intervention for Indian women cooks in New York City who are so passionate about cooking but are feeling overwhelmed in this modern, fast world.

Traditional Design — Tangible

I adore luxury, artisanal products and luckily have access to both sides of the world. I shop and enjoy using products from high-end brands but I also am mesmerised with products made with materials like black clay by artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico. I often wonder about my love for both, maybe because there are common characteristics between the two! From 100 options in front of me; I feel an ease in picking on the one because that will be evoked by memories, emotions and carries a form of an unconventional aesthetic.

An eye for creativity, confidence in my selection, a want to understand people’s life often makes me reach a state of gentle meditation without the need for prolonged spells of sitting still. Tend to think like a toddler sometimes and question ‘Why’ ‘Why’ ‘Why’ — as there is no harm in focusing on experiencing the best of both worlds and feeling self-actualized.

Look for peace of mind — true meaning of a designed life!


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