National Institute of Fashion Technology, India

I developed an elective course focused on the fundamentals of design thinking to teach 40 undergraduate students the methodologies of design research and business strategy.

Administered collaborative workshops to investigate low performing small-medium-enterprise’ business strategy, and applied design research methodologies to transform their business model.

Course Objective:

This course gave a broad overview of what Design Thinking is, and how it works as a process and methodology for problem solving and reframing. Students gained basic skills in design research (observation and testing). We covered every element of the design thinking approach, from empathy research to ideation to prototyping to getting user feedback and iterating with their design solutions.

Takeaways for students were:

Design Thinking starts and ends with human experience.

We prioritize real human needs.

We learn by making and testing prototypes.

We collaborate to learn and use diverse human perspective.

We are not talking about design in the aesthetic approach but in a strategic one. Design Thinking as a key strategic factor to differentiation in the new markets based on the creation of value for the users. Taking this practise of thinking and applying it everywhere - any sphere or discipline you can innovate (your products, services or offerings).

This is no magic, simply a practise!

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